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     Home >> News >> >> 2020>> Mar 8
    SUMC Authorized to Confer Bachelor Degree in Four New Majors


    With accreditation by the Ministry of Education, SUMC is set to launch four new undergraduate majors, including Biomedical Sciences, Pharmacy, Psychiatry, and Preventive Medicine. This is part of the strategic direction to align the university’s continuing growth with the emerging needs of skilled professionals in a wide range of growing sections. Biomedical Sciences and Pharmacy both are four year programs leading to a Bachelor’s Degree of Science, while Psychiatry and Preventive Medicine are five year Bachelor’s Degree of Medicine programs.

    With introduction of these new majors we will extend the College’s undergraduate degree portfolio. It is an important step in the development of the University and our College. 

    Contact details and map


    SUMC central campus

    Shantou University Medical College

    No. 22 Xinling Road

    Shantou, 515041

    Guangdong Province

    People's Republic of China


    SUMC on Shantou University campus

    Shantou University Medical College

    No. 243 Daxue Road

    Shantou, 515063

    Guangdong Province

    People's Republic of China




    Map & Chinese address

    Click here for a printable map and address details in Chinese.